Early this Century 2000-2010

In the early 2000’s my house and studio were flooded by the Delaware River three times forcing me to leave. This left me with the opportunity to make pots in other places. After one flood I went to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada where I worked with a wood fire kiln.  Later I worked with porcelain in China.

Porcelain Pot

In 2010 I spent some time in Jingdezhen, China making porcelain pots.

Tall Jar

Flower pots from the wood kiln in Medicine Hat.

Wood fired Flower Pots

Three years in a row the studio was flooded, 2004,2005 and 2006. The kiln is up to the arch in Delaware River water.

Old studio and kiln in the old sawmill.
round vase
Two bowled vessel.
I’m a little grayer now.
Pots from the wood fired kiln, Medicine Hat, Alberta.